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“Safety first” is the foundation of my lesson philosophy. Once we have safety skills in place, we can be free to let the fun begin! My teaching style is very laid back and relaxed because I thoroughly enjoy teaching you to ride. I want to project that to my students so you get your best ride possible in every lesson. Are you ready to work? Every lesson will be an energy-filled hour. We go at your pace, but constantly keep things fresh with lots of different exercises and equestrian theory. You will get more out of riding if you know why you are sitting that trot, keeping your heels down, eyes up, toes in. Each lesson should teach you something new as well as practicing what you already know.

I don’t push showing, but if you want to compete I can get you ready for the ring. I have students who show WCSA, CSDEA and MN Hunter. I also have students that never enter a show ring, and that’s okay too. What matters most is that you enjoy lesson times- whether you will be throwing a leg over the saddle for the first time, have gotten away from riding and want to start up again, or are looking to build on the skills you already have and take riding to the next level.

We can talk about your goals and how best to achieve them - whether you want to ride for fun, exercise, competition, or just to be around horses.

I have a lot of great lesson horses available to match all experience levels. 

*If you have a horse that needs training, contact me for an estimate. 



Diane Williams
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