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It's important to never stop learning.​

My lessons are very relaxed and fun. 
I invite people of all ages to come and try riding. I offer sibling discounts. Call for more information!


Required Equipment

     I require a helmet, long pants and hard soled boots be worn during every lesson. Every student must sign a release form BEFORE they will be allowed to ride - if under 18 both student AND a parent must sign.


Cancellation Policy

     I require lesson cancellations to occur 6hrs prior to the lesson time, if the lesson is cancelled less than six hours before the lesson time the student is responsible for the full lesson fee.


Package Policy

      Due to the policy that you have your lessons until you use them, even if it takes a year, there are NO REFUNDS of any portion of your Package if you choose not to use it.



Did your horse take the winter off?

If you didn't want to ride but need your horse to get in shape I have room available to take in a couple additional training horses this spring. There are Spring discounts for training, tune ups and exercise rides. 


I use a very gentle approach to training. 



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